Modern operating theatres
     Operative laparoscopy
     Modern labour rooms
     Ultrasound and foetal monitoring
     Neonatal care
     2 modern operating theatres with a postoperative recovery area is available. Apart from General surgical procedures, Major GI surgery, Oncological surgery and Laparscopic surgery are routinely performed.
     Over the years, the antenatal care has grown in strength and numbers. Comprehensive antenatal care is offered by a team of doctors. Regular prenatal and postnatal classes are held.
     A well equipped labour and delivery area with foetal monitoring facility is available. Dedicated team of doctors and nurses help achieve excellent care for labour and delivery. Pain relief in labour is a major focus with an excellent epidural service being offered. Lactation support for new mothers is offered by dedicated personal.
     General gynaecological problems, outpatient procedures, laparoscopic surgery are all managed on a regular basis. Infertility work up and management upto IUI is offered.
Fitness and wellness programs for expectants
"Ordered the maidens to exercise themselves, with wrestling, running, throwing the quoits and casting the dart, to the end that the fruit they conceived might in strong and healthy bodies, take firmer root and find better growth"... Plutarch, 500 B.C.
     Writings from ancient civilization show efforts to promote health of the next generation. They showed interest in improving the health of non-pregnant women as a means of improving reproductive outcomes. Our own ancestors (women) were active, agile and working through their pregnancies. That explains the vaginal births and the ease with which they delivered n number of babies .The new generation thinks work is workout. Activity is almost zilch and the result, stiff joints and back, and a feeling of sickness and lethargy through pregnancy.
     Fitness is important, as important as nutrition.
     A pregnant body needs a specialized supervised wellness program in order to prepare for the task ahead. The task of nurturing a life within needs fitness and a wellness schedule. The schedule offered by us is a comprehensive pack of warm-ups, toning, mild aerobic activity, strength training and breathing modifications. To get the endorphins high and to look at pregnancy not as an illness but as wellness regular workouts are essential. To run the marathon called pregnancy preparation is essential and the fitness and wellness program does just that.
     For a fit you...
     None of us give the new mother the time or the space for the transition from a woman to a mother to seep in. she is expected to don the cap of a "mother" with responsibility and the first strike is "breast feeding".
     For time immemorial mothers have been feeding their little ones. Advantages are plenty for both the mother and the infant. For some new moms the whole breast feeding initiative is a breeze, for some it is a struggle, for some it is full of queries and for some more it is "let me call it quits".
     At the breast feeding classes we work to get the "feel good" factor up and help you understand what it takes, what the problems are likely to be and how to get around them.
     The simplicity and the complexity of breastfeeding laced in with the long term advantages, posture, technique, nutrition, exercise and the works are all discussed in this session.
     We prepare an expectant for the task ahead; we teach a new mother the nuances of lactation and we encourage a lactating mother to continue with the wonderful work she is doing.
     Thus the Breast feeding classes are for expectants over 34 weeks, new mothers and lactating mothers.
Mother's milk is special. Breast Feeding matters.
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